Visually present the main reforms of the Parliament of England (content and meaning)

date Content Value
1641 g. The judicial powers of the royal courts have been reduced and the powers of the common law courts under the jurisdiction of parliament have been expanded. The persecution of dissidents has ended , and episcopal censorship is prohibited. A law was passed on the procedure for dissolving parliament. Parliament has the right to set taxes The king’s power was limited by law and parliament
1645 g. Creation of a unified army, volunteer manning of the army. Promotion not by birth, but by ability Victory in the civil war
1646 g. Noble landowners were exempted from taxes in favor of the crown. Merchants received the right to trade freely. The church was subordinated to parliament, the church lands were confiscated Supporting the interests of the gentry and merchants, nascent entrepreneurship, but not the common people

Output. As a result of the civil war, the peasants and the urban lower classes remained in the same position, which should have led to further clashes.


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