What are population demographics? How to use them in economic activity?

To understand the functioning of this complex system, it is very important to know not only the biology features of certain types of organisms, but the main thing is their population characteristics, in particular the density of settlement, the total number of individuals, growth rate, life expectancy, and the number of offspring produced. These characteristics, called population demographics, are critical to anticipating possible changes that occur in individual populations as well as in the entire community or ecosystem.
Demographic characteristics, such as fertility, mortality, age composition (structure) and number of individuals (abundance), characterize the population as a whole, reflecting the speed of the processes occurring in it. A separate organism is born, aging and dying. In relation to an individual, one cannot talk about fertility, mortality, age structure, abundance – characteristics that make sense only at the group level.
They are used to predict the processes of further development, use, recovery.

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