What are the advantages and disadvantages of this or that form of government?

1. unitary structure is simpler and therefore corresponds to the historical tradition. Therefore, historically primary and significantly predominant until the XX century. the form of state structure was the unitary state, although the term “unitary” itself has a later origin (XIX century) and is the antonym of the term “federal”.
2.Allows you to avoid unnecessary complication of the management system, duplication of functions or conflicts, therefore, it is convenient in a small and ethnically and culturally homogeneous (although exceptions, such as autonomies) territory.
3.the unitary state is stable throughout the territory with one constitution,
a single system of supreme authorities, a single budget, a single market.
1.different histories, cultures, languages, religions, mentality;
2. the feeling by the regions (parts) of the unprofitableness of the unification for economic reasons.
3. forcible (unnatural) annexation in the past of some parts of a unitary state;
4. low political culture of the population. The public opinion of such a population can be easily manipulated by separatist politicians.
1. there are two systems of supreme authorities: federal and subjects of the federation;
2. the supreme legislative, executive and judicial power belongs to the federal state bodies;
3. Along with the federal Constitution, the subjects of the federation have the right to adopt their own normative and legal acts of a constituent nature (constitutions, statutes, basic laws);
4. the subjects of the federation have the right to adopt regional laws;
5. the subjects of the federation have their own budget, i.e. there is a certain independence from the center.
1. arbitrariness of officials and a high level of corruption;
2. conflicts between regions over financing, on national grounds and in the field of legislation;
3. the police are often captured by local “authorities”;
4. duplication of government functions;
5. high maintenance costs of power;
6. the subject of the federation does not have the right of secession.
The advantage of the confederal state structure is that the member states of the confederation have the right to secede at will. The disadvantages of the confederal structure are: the form of organization of the central government is weak; there is no single supreme legislative body; there is no single citizenship.

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