What are the advantages of a gas turbine over a steam turbine?

The most important advantages of a gas turbine are:
It is capable of generating a lot of power at a relatively small size and weight. The gas turbine operates in constant rotation, as opposed to reciprocating engines operating with constantly changing loads. Therefore, turbines have a long life and require relatively little maintenance. Although the gas turbine is started with ancillary equipment such as electric motors or another gas turbine, it takes minutes to start. By comparison, the start-up time of a steam turbine is measured in hours. A gas turbine can use a variety of fuels. Large land-based turbines usually use natural gas, while aviation ones predominantly use light distillates (kerosene). Diesel fuel or specially treated fuel oil can also be used. It is also possible to use combustible gases from the pyrolysis process, gasification and oil refining, as well as biogas. Typically, gas turbines use atmospheric air as a working fluid. A gas turbine does not need a refrigerant (such as water) to generate electricity.

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