What are the advantages of licensed software?

Licensed software has several benefits.
1. Technical support of the software manufacturer.
When using the purchased licensed software, users may have various questions. Owners of licensed programs have the right to use the technical support of the software manufacturer, which in most cases allows you to resolve the problems encountered.
2. Updating programs.
Software manufacturers regularly release update packages for licensed programs (patch, service-pack). Their timely installation is one of the main means of protecting a personal computer (this is especially true of anti-virus programs). Legal users receive all released updates promptly and free of charge.
3. Legality and prestige.
By purchasing unlicensed software, you are breaking the law, as you acquire “stolen” software. You put yourself and your business at risk of legal sanctions from copyright holders. Organizations using illegal software have problems during the checks of the licensed purity of the software, which are periodically carried out by law enforcement agencies. For copyright infringement, in a number of cases, not only administrative, but also criminal liability is provided. Violation of copyright laws can negatively affect the company’s reputation. Unlicensed copies of software can cause incompatibility between programs that normally interact well with each other.

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