What are the consequences for the biosphere of the disappearance of forests, the destruction of the steppes and prairies?

All ecosystems of the planet are interconnected. This relationship is carried out, first of all, due to the circulation of substances. Some of the substances from some ecosystems are transported by air currents and currents to other ecosystems, enter the lower reliefs of the third ecosystems, and move along with drains and groundwater into the fourth.
In addition, changes in some ecosystems, occurring, including under the influence of human activity, can lead to changes in the structure and stability of others. Drainage of swamps often leads to the death of the adjacent forest. Deforestation leads to increased weathering of the soil layer, lowering the level of groundwater. The result of this will be the shallowing of rivers and reservoirs, which means a decrease in fresh water reserves. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the diversity of ecosystems – the basis of biodiversity of the planet. It is important to preserve protected areas with a rich species composition, which can become a source of species for the emerging community.
The destruction of the steppes and prairies leads to desertification of lands, deterioration of the water structure, climate change on the planet. Russia’s natural steppe ecosystems remove carbon from the atmosphere in an amount of about 1.5 t / ha annually, and the long-term and reliability of this process is higher than that of most other terrestrial ecosystems. Significant and peculiar biodiversity is associated with the steppe ecosystems, including a number of species and natural communities endemic for Russia, the moral responsibility for the conservation of which lies entirely with our country. Among other things, for example, the steppes of Russia are important for the survival of about 30 globally threatened and vulnerable species of mammals and birds.
All ecosystems of the planet are components of a single global ecosystem – the biosphere. Out of many interconnected cycles of individual ecosystems, a global biological cycle of substances is formed that supports the existence of the biosphere as a whole.

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