What are the differences between meiosis and mitosis?

1. After mitosis, two cells are obtained, and after meiosis, four.
2. After mitosis, somatic cells (body cells) are obtained, and after meiosis, germ cells (gametes are sperm and eggs; plants produce spores after meiosis).
3. After mitosis, identical cells (copies) are obtained, and after meiosis – different ones (hereditary information is recombined).
4. After mitosis, the number of chromosomes in daughter cells remains the same as in the mother cells, and after meiosis decreases by 2 times (there is a reduction in the number of chromosomes; if there weren’t, then after each fertilization the number of chromosomes would double); alternation reduction and fertilization ensures a constant number of chromosomes).

Recognition Mitosis Meiosis
Cells where division takes place Core Genital
Number of divisions One Two
Phases Prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase Prophase I, II, for I, II, anaphase, telophase
Set of chromosomes in daughter cells 2 1
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