What are the differences between seed plants and bryophytes.

1) Sporophyte prevails in seed plants, and gametophyte in mosses.
2) Seed plants have roots; mosses have no roots; they have rhizoids.
3) Seed plants have conductive tissue, mosses have no conductive tissue.
4) In the seed, the embryo develops in the seed; mosses have no seed (mosses are plants that reproduce by spores).
or, in spores, the spreading stage is spore, and in seeds, seeds (in flowers, seeds or fruits). Seeds and fruits are better protected than spores and contain a greater supply of nutrients
5) In mosses (spore), reproduction depends on water, and in seed – it does not.
or, sperm of spore plants require water to swim, so the spore cannot live in arid places. In seed plants, male sex cells of sperm are located inside the pollen. In gymnosperms, pollen is carried by the wind, and in flowering – by wind, water, insects or other animals, i.e., seed plants do not need water for fertilization.

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