What are the distinctive features of the modern global economy?

The process of economic globalization can be characterized by the following features.
1) Firstly, modern economic conditions are distinguished by the deepening internationalization of production, which manifests itself in the joint production of the final product by representatives of many countries of the world. The organizational form of the internationalization of production is transnational companies.
2) Another characteristic feature of the global economy is the internationalization of capital, manifested in the increase in foreign direct investment and the internationalization of the stock market.
3) The third feature characteristic of the global economy is the increase in the scale of international labor migration, both real and virtual. Third world countries are the source of unskilled and low-skilled labor for developed countries.
4) Another characteristic feature of the global economy today is the increasing internationalization of the exchange of goods and services based on the deepening of the international division of labor.

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