What are the distinguishing features of the life of snakes?

Snakes have a long, limbless, scaled body. Due to the absence of limb belts, it is difficult to clearly distinguish the trunk and tail sections of the body. Due to the absence of the sternum, the ribs are very mobile, which allows them to walk on them. The movable connection of the bones of the facial part of the skull of the snake allows you to open the mouth wide and swallow prey thicker than its whole body, and the powerful musculature of the esophagus allows it to be pushed into the stomach. The prey is swallowed alive, killed by poison or pre-strangled. Capable of prolonged fasting. The sense of smell is well developed. Vision is weak, the eyelids are fused, transparent. On the upper part of the head, between the eyes and nostrils, there is a special organ – a thermal locator – pits that receive heat rays. With the help of thermal radar, snakes hunt warm-blooded animals at night. Hearing is poorly developed, there is no eardrum. They perceive sound vibrations through soil or water.

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