What are the features of safe behavior when using rail?

Features of safe behavior when using railway transport are as follows:
• when purchasing a ticket, it must be remembered that in the event of an accident the wagons located in the middle of the train are the safest
• if the compartment neighbors arouse suspicion and distrust, then care must be taken and it is better not to sleep at all;
• you should not drink water, lemonade, beer offered by strangers: sleeping pills or narcotic substances may be mixed in them;
• the door in the compartment must always be kept closed, without exposing yourself and your belongings; at night, the door must be locked;
• documents and money must always be kept with you;
• in a reserved seat car, special vigilance should be shown at intermediate stations: the criminal can grab your things and jump out with them on the platform, where it will be extremely difficult to detain him.

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