What are the features of the religious beliefs of primitive people in comparison with modern religions?

Primitive people knew a lot about the world. They understood the habits of animals, the properties of various plants and stones, knew how to predict the weather, heal from wounds and bites of poisonous snakes. Even surgical operations were performed with the help of stone tools: they cut off an injured arm or leg, opened the skull to remove a tumor.
Observations of natural phenomena, reflections on the life of people led to the emergence of ideas about the existence of invisible forces – spirits and gods that influence nature and human life. This is how religion was born.
The primitive religion was different from the religions that exist in the modern world. For ancient people, gods and spirits were not otherworldly forces ruling the world, they were not perceived as something different from man. The gods were embodied in specific objects: stones, trees, animals, mountains. The ancestors of the clan were also considered gods. People felt their constant connection with such gods. They believed that they could influence them: appease, feed (sacrifices), even punish.

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