What are the hallmarks of the Enlightenment culture?

You can highlight the main features of the culture of the Enlightenment:
1. Deism, as a doctrine of free thought, opened up the possibility of opposing religious fanaticism and for freedom of conscience, for the liberation of science from church custody.
2. Secularism – crowding out religious principles from all spheres of culture (secular architecture for the first time takes precedence over church, xram)
3. The appeal of the Enlightenment to nature, therefore, cosmopolitanism. Expressed in the condemnation of nationalism and the belief in the equal opportunities of nations.
4. Scientific. Science has finally entered human life on an equal footing with philosophy and religion.
5. Rationalism is closely related to science. A person can and should act rationally, and society can and should be organized rationally.
6. The idea of ​​progress. Progress through the mind is the path of development of European civilization.
7. The absolutization of education in the formation of a new person.
8. Publicity and theatricality. A new type of relationship has arisen: art and society – salons, which not only played an important role in the life of the intellectual elite, but also became a place of debate on important interrogations of statehood.
The practical result of the century of reason was the Great French Revolution, which came out with the main slogans of French enlightenment; freedom equality Brotherhood.

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