What are the main differences between the ideologies of liberalism, conservatism and socialism?

The differences between liberals and conservatives came from different ideas about man and society. The liberals declared that man is a rational and active being, he is able to control his own fate, you just need to give him freedom. Conservatives, on the other hand, believed that man is by nature weak and sinful; he cannot take advantage of freedom. Therefore, they opposed the principle of freedom with the principle of order, and faith in progress – the importance of tradition, of that which has been tested by the experience of many generations. Liberals put personal success first – conservatives called it selfishness. Liberals extolled competition – conservatives believed that it was destroying relations between people. In pursuit of personal profit, people transgress morality, a strongdoes not count with the weak. In the political sphere, respectively, liberals advocated reform, and conservatives supported the preservation of the foundations of the existing political and public.
The ideology of socialism considered the radical path of change in society. C. Marx found that the transition from one era to another is possible mainly through revolutions. He believed that the bourgeois should be replaced by proletarian (socialist) revolutions, as a result to which the dictatorship of the proletariat will be established, which will ensure the transition to communism. For the revolution to take place, the proletarians of different countries must create revolutionary parties and join forces.

  Conservatism Liberalism Socialism
The role of the state in economic life Regulates the economy, but without an attempt on private property Free market and free competition, freedom of private enterprise Destruction of private property, free market and competition
Position on the social issue and ways to solve social problems Preservation of the old order, class and class differences, the implementation of “protective reforms” Solving problems through reforms carried out by the authorities in order to preserve the class world All people should have equal rights and benefits. Solving problems through the socialist revolution
The limits of individual freedom The state subjugates the personality, this is expressed in its observance of traditions Total individual freedom Personal freedom is limited by the state of the dictatorship of the proletariat
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