What are the observed methods of food production in mammals?

Mammals are divided into: herbivorous – for them the green parts of plants, seeds, fruits serve as food; eating animal food here include insectivores, carrion moths, predators; omnivores. However, there is no strict distinction between these groups. So, herbivores can eat animal food. For example, a hedgehog mainly eats animal food – insects, frogs, small rodents, bird eggs, but can diversify its diet with berries and fruits.
The methods of obtaining food in mammals are different. The simplest is picking up food from the ground, as do voles, mice. The mole in search of food – insects and their larvae, with amazing speed digs complex underground passages in the ground with its paws. Martens chase their prey, and cats catch it from an ambush. A wolf hunts, monkeys pick fruit, a bear or cat fish, etc.

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