What are the parts of the body that are most vulnerable to pain?

The following parts of the body are most vulnerable to pain.
Hair. If you pull heavily for them, a pain sensation occurs anywhere in the head, however, a jerk for the hair above the tanks and at the top of the back of the head will give the greatest effect.
Eyes. Stabbing blows can be applied to them, you can press even if they are closed. When approaching the eyes of any object, they instinctively close, while the head usually pulls back. If the attacker closed his eyes, it is necessary to press on them until he retreats. Even imitating an attack on the eyes can cause confusion in the enemy, which will give precious seconds for an escape or counterattack.
Nose. Striking it (straight or prying from below) can be very effective. A punch is made by the base of the palm in the area between the nose and upper lip. When carried out correctly, the opponent’s head throws back.
The ears. They should either be pulled sharply or hit hard on them. A simultaneous blow with both palms on the ears can cause the enemy tangible pain and deprive him of orientation.
Jaw. Side impact in the jaw leads to loss of balance and (or) consciousness.
Throat. A blow to the throat can cause difficulty breathing. Squeezing the airways of the enemy is not recommended, as this will only increase his resistance, the desire to free himself and thus complicate the situation. Well hit in the Adam’s apple.
Solar plexus. A blow to this place can cause the enemy difficulty breathing. The most effective punch, the base of the palm, as well as the elbow.
Groin. A blow in the groin (even a mild one) stuns the enemy, causes him severe pain and disables.
Hips. Effective capture, squeezing or twisting of soft flesh from the inside of the thigh.
Lower legs. A regular or scratching kick on the lower legs causes severe pain.
Toes. Having stepped on the enemy’s foot, you can temporarily disarm him and force him to either raise or pull away the damaged leg, thereby depriving him of stability.
It should be remembered that the main weapon of the rapist is fear, passivity and silence of the victim. Only by depriving him of these advantages, acting actively and decisively, you can ensure your safety.

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