What are the rules, compliance with which will reduce the impact of harmful environmental factors on your health.

To reduce the impact of harmful environmental factors on health, the following rules must be observed:
• You should not walk, run and ride a bicycle, do physical exercises near busy motorways;
• You can swim only in bodies of water that meet established environmental safety standards;
• in suburban areas, in gardens and kitchen gardens, it is necessary to use biological rather than chemical methods of weed and pest control;
• it is necessary to give up smoking, which has a devastating effect on health;
• you should regularly ventilate and clean the living quarters, maintain a comfortable temperature and humidity in them;
• in the kitchen and in the bathroom it’s good to install hoods to remove steam and unpleasant odors;
• it is advisable to use household filters to purify the water used for cooking and drinking;
• you need to equip your house (apartment) so that the noise level in it at any time of the day does not exceed the safety limit;
• equipment and furniture in residential premises must have environmental safety certificates;
• when choosing textile products, preference should be given to those made from natural fibers (cotton, linen, silk and wool);
• it is better to wash clothes with soap, and when using washing powders, they must be thoroughly rinsed;
• the duration of watching TV shows for schoolchildren should not exceed one hour per day, and for adults – four hours; • It is useful to have indoor plants in the house (apartment), better cacti and chrysanthemums.
The list of these rules can be continued based on the characteristics of the region of residence and other conditions.

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