What are the rules for first aid for closed limb fractures?

Do not move the person until the tire is laid. If bruising is visible under the skin at the fracture site, you need to apply a tight, but not compressive bandage. After that it is the turn for the fixing busbar. If the bone of the thigh or shoulder is broken, then put the splint on the joint into three joints next to the damage. For other fractures, two joints are sufficient next to the fracture next to the injury. First aid for open closed fractures of the limbs. Attach to the fracture site of the hall. You can use ice wrapped in a piece of fabric. Refreshes ice every 20 minutes. It must be kept until the patient is delivered to the hospital or the ambulance team arrives. First aid for open and closed fractures of the limbs. Give the victim a pain reliever. To avoid traumatic shock. Take the person to the hospital and lower the profit of the ambulance

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