What are the rules of conduct in a conflict situation?

Rules of conduct in a conflict situation:
• one cannot strive to dominate at all costs (at any cost);
• one must be principled, but not only struggle from the principle;
• remember that straightforwardness is good, but not always (you must know how to tell the truth);
• criticize opponents, but not criticize;
• smile more often (a smile is cheap ”but much appreciated);
• take into account that traditions are good and not very good;
• show independence, but it should not turn into self-confidence;
• do not turn perseverance into importunity;
• Do not expect a fair treatment of yourself, showing injustice to others;
• Do not overestimate your abilities and capabilities;
• not take initiative where it is not needed;
• strive to show goodwill and patience in any situation.

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