What are the similarities and differences in the subordinate position of the countries of Latin America, Asia and Africa in the nineteenth century?

Similarities can be identified in the following:
1. The specialization of entire regions in the production of one culture, necessary for the colonialists. As a result of what happened: soil depletion, reduction of crops of food crops necessary for the nutrition of the local population and the decline of local industries;
2. As before, huge wealth was exported, the use of which helped to accelerate the development of capitalism in Europe and North America.
3 Dramatically increased exports of European and American manufactured goods to Asia, Africa and Latin America, leading to;
– The ruin of local producers,
“It undermined handicraft and manufactory production where it originated before the advent of the colonialists.”
1. Unlike Africans, Asians and South Americans did not serve as slaves.
2. If goods were still only exported from Africa, the countries of Latin America and Asia became the markets for their colonizers.

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