What are the three most important features of every continent and every ocean?

Continents Features Oceans Features  
Eurasia 1) The largest mainland

2) Wash all the oceans

3) Consists of 2 parts of the world.

Quiet 1) Large

2) Mariana Trench

3) Tsunami and storm.

Africa 1) The hottest mainland

2) Great deserts

3) The longest river

Atlantic 1) Gulf Stream

2) Gulf of Mexico

3) Sargasso Sea

North America 1) High rainfall

2) Karst caves

3) Grand Canyon

South America 1) Waterfalls

2) Long mountains

3) Amazon

Indian 1) Warm

2) Salty

3) Somali current

Antarctica 1) Cold

2) High

3) South

Arctic 1) Powerful

2) Fresh

3) Small

Australia 1) Small

2) Mainland state

3) Endemic

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