What are the true goals of the Germans during the Moroccan crisis? Have they been achieved?

The third Moroccan crisis soon broke out. In the spring of 1911, an uprising broke out in the vicinity of the capital of Morocco. France took advantage of this and occupied the capital. Morocco finally goes to France. She appeals to the Germans for compensation. They are silent. The gunboat Panther came to Morocco, followed by the cruiser Berlin. It was an obvious provocation, France is trying to negotiate. Germany demands, as compensation for the entire French Congo. England took the side of France. On July 24, Lloyd George announced that England would not allow a solution to this issue without her participation. Germany was scared and agreed: Morocco entered the protectorate of France, and Germany received part of the French Congo (jungle).
Thus, the very beginning of the war was associated with the initiative of Germany and England. Both the Russians and the French demanded clear support from the British. The Germans were given to understand that England was not interested in this war, and they very much counted on her non-intervention.

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