What are the ways to reduce the effect of mutagenic factors on humans in the modern world.

– Eat bran bread.
– Eliminate canned foods and smoked meats, sparkling water with synthetic colors from the diet.
– Cut down on sweets.
– Read the labels with the composition of the purchased product.
– Take lactobacterin and bifidumbacterin: they will cleanse the stomach and normalize the work of “beneficial” bacteria, which are also able to enter the fight against mutagens.
– Only use rubber gloves when cleaning agents!
– Deal with household chemicals as little as possible.
– In case of chronic diseases, see a doctor regularly: your weakened body is a favorable environment for mutagens.
– Do not take any medicine without the advice of a doctor – they can also have an adverse effect on the hereditary apparatus.
– Avoid exposure to EMP.
Soften the effect of mutagens:
– spices – pepper, mustard, ginger.
– greens – cilantro, parsley, onions, celery.
– green tea, apples, cabbage, eggplant, mint.
– yogurt (recently established by Italian scientists S. Della-Croce and E. Morizetti)

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