What can the Philippine test say?

An important event in the life of every person is a half-growth jump. It is called semi-growth because after its passage the length of the body reaches half the final size. Whether he passed or not can be judged by the so-called Philippine test. The child is offered to throw his hand through the crown of the head and reach the opposite ear. If this succeeds, the half-growth jump has passed. This usually happens at 5-7 years of age. Why is this moment important? Firstly, by the fact that the structure of the chest has changed and abdominal breathing has been replaced by the abdominal: a person can breathe not only with the help of the diaphragm, but also using the pectoral muscles. Secondly, vasoconstrictive reflexes began to work. Now the body does not need to generate much heat, it is spent more economically: if it is cold, the skin vessels are narrowed, and the blood passing through them loses less heat.

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