What can you tell about precardial stroke, how is it carried out?

The purpose of applying a precardial beat is to shake the human chest as much as possible, which can be an impetus to the “launch” of a stopped heart. Often this stroke restores the heartbeat and returns consciousness. A precardial stroke is applied to a point located on the sternum 2-3 cm above the xiphoid process with the palm of a hand clenched into a fist. The blow should be short and sharp enough. In this case, the elbow of the hand striking should be directed along the body of the victim. Immediately after the impact, it is necessary to find out whether the heart function has resumed, for this it is necessary to put 2-3 fingers on the projection of the carotid artery. If the heart has earned, they begin artificial ventilation of the lungs, if not, they proceed to perform indirect heart massage.
You can not produce a precardial stroke with a saved heartbeat – this can kill a person.

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