What caused the introduction of restrictions on the objects of attack during an armed conflict?

The imposition of restrictions on the objects of attack is caused by the need to prevent acts of violence or threats of violence, with the main goal of terrorizing civilians. In this regard, international humanitarian law prohibits:
• use the civilian population to protect military installations from attack;
• Destroy or remove objects necessary for the survival of the civilian population;
• make attacks on undefended areas and demilitarized zones;
• give to plunder a city or locality, even taken by an attack;
• commit hostile acts against historical monuments, works of art and other places that make up the cultural or spiritual heritage of the people;
• make attacks on structures containing dangerous forces: dams, dams, nuclear power plants;
• to attack objects marked with the red cross or red crescent, military and civilian medical personnel, vehicles and equipment used to provide assistance and care for the wounded.

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