What caused the need to structure the rule of law? What is the convenience of such structuring?

At the same time, law is not a mechanical combination of legal norms, they are all organically linked to each other, interact with each other. All this makes it possible to define the system of law as a set of interrelated legal norms, branches and institutions of law, which are characterized by internal unity and difference in accordance with the characteristics of regulated social relations. The ideal structure of a norm expresses its primary, initial connections in the system of objective law. This is a kind of set of logically interrelated elements, due to the specifics of legal formation and the structure of law in general. Hence the need to distinguish between the rule of law and the article of the law. This is also obvious because one article of a normative act sometimes contains two, three or more norms. Some acts, such as criminal law, specialize in the expression of sanctions that serve the norms of other branches of law.

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