What causes diabetes? What are the main ways to treat it?

With a lack of insulin produced by the pancreas, diabetes develops. This is a disease in which glucose does not penetrate into the tissue, and its level in the blood plasma increases significantly, which entails the removal of glucose from the body in large volumes of urine. But if there is an excess of glucose in the blood, then the brain is sorely lacking in nutrition, because glucose is practically the only source of energy for our brain. If a diabetic patient does not inject insulin from the outside, then brain deprivation of glucose leads to loss of consciousness, seizures, and rapid death. Glucose will be consumed very quickly by various tissues, primarily muscles, and the blood sugar will drop to dangerously low levels. As a result, the brain again lacks “fuel” and a person falls into the so-called insulin shock and faints. In this case, glucose must be introduced into the blood very quickly.

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