What causes the need to cleanse the body?

Over the past decades, there have been significant changes in people’s nutrition. A man began to use more synthetic and refined products, although most of them are poorly processed and absorbed by his body. From the wrong combination of food and fluid intake, pollution and poisoning of the large intestine, liver, kidneys, connective tissue of the body occurs, which are not able to completely neutralize and remove unnecessary substances and toxins. This leads to overloading of the slag of the lungs, nasopharynx, skin and other organs. Numerous pathogenic microbes, penetrating the human body, find ideal conditions for reproduction in places of accumulation of harmful and unnecessary substances and subsequently cause various diseases.
That is why people should take care that their bodies are clean not only from the outside, but also from the inside, so that it becomes as clogged as possible and is constantly released from toxins and other toxic substances.

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