What changes in science and culture do you consider the most significant in XIX?

The 19th century has the glory of the century of science. Three important changes have occurred. First, science has become more professional. Previously, it was not so clearly separated from other types of spiritual activity and was for many more a hobby. Secondly, the process of its differentiation began m, e, a clear separation of individual sciences and industries within them. Thirdly, science became more and more closely connected with production. The discoveries of scientists are increasingly being put into practice.
Education has become more accessible. Since the last third of the XIX century. primary education everywhere from the church passes into the hands of the state, becomes compulsory and free. Due to the spread of literacy in the XIX century. the second in European history took place: the “reader revolution” – reading acquired a mass character, spread to all walks of life.
At the end of the XIX century. culture also gained mass character. Its hallmarks were simplicity, breadth of distribution and connection with commercial benefits. At the same time, a high culture is reaching its peak, requiring a different level, spiritual development and making you think. It was in it that the rapid change of artistic eras took place.

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