What changes in the political life of European countries can be considered features of the democratization of society?

Characteristic features of a democratic society:
1. Guarantee of fundamental human rights to every individual in relation to the state and authorities, any social group (especially religious institutions), and another individual.
2. Separation of powers:
– executive power
-judicial branch
3. Freedom of speech and expression of one’s own opinion, freedom of assembly, free press.
4. Freedom of religion.
5. The right to elect and be elected (one person, one vote).
6. Equality of all before the law.

1880-1890s – the era of democratic reforms
1. 1879 – The Marseillaise again became the anthem of the republic.
2. 1880 – July 14 was declared a national holiday (the beginning of the Great French Revolution).
3. A law on freedom of the press and assembly has been adopted.
4. 1884 – a law was passed that allowed the free activity of trade unions and strikes, and municipal councils were given the right to elect their mayor (before, an official from the center was sent to this position).
5.1880s – the school was separated from the church, education became secular, and state educational programs (“school laws”) were introduced.

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