What chemical elements prevail in the earth’s crust?

46 elements are most widespread in the earth’s crust, of which 8 make up 97.2–98.8% of its mass, 2 (oxygen and silicon) – 75% of the total mass of the Earth.
The distribution of chemical elements as a percentage of the mass of the earth’s crust (according to A.E. Fersman) is as follows in%:
Oxygen 49.13
Silicon 26.00
7.45 aluminum
Iron 4.20
Calcium 3.25
Sodium 2.40
The first 13 elements (with the exception of titanium), which are most often found in the earth’s crust, are part of the organic matter of plants, participate in all vital processes and play an important role in soil fertility. A large number of elements involved in chemical reactions in the bowels of the Earth, leads to the formation of a wide variety of compounds

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