What circumstances can cause fires in houses (apartments)?

The causes of fires in houses (apartments) are most often:
• the use of home-made electrical appliances and fuses, the use of electrical cords and wires with broken insulation;
• connecting a large number of consumers of electric current (more than three) to one outlet, using faulty equipment and devices, using damaged outlets;
• wrapping an electric lamp and lamps with paper, cloth and other objects; the use of electric irons, kettles without stands made of non-combustible materials; electric heaters, radios, televisions (especially old brands) left unattended
• cluttering walkways, corridors, landings and flights of stairs and escape hatches with furniture and other items; equipment in the apartments of residential buildings of workshops and warehouses where explosive and fire hazardous substances are used and stored;
• heating stoves left unattended, as well as an assignment for their supervision to young children;
• careless handling of open fire (games with matches, lighters, candles, sparklers, firecrackers).

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