What concept is the basis of modern scientific ideas about the origin of man?

K. Linney. in his book “The System of Nature” he singled out a race of people with one species – Homo sapiens L. and placed him in a squad of primates along with lower and higher apes. In 1760, C. Linnaeus published the work “Relatives of Man,” in which he emphasized the external and internal similarities of man and monkeys.
Jean Baptiste Lamarck in his Philosophy of Zoology (1809) pointed out the relationship between man and monkeys and suggested that man descended from ancient anthropoid apes as a result of the transition to upright posture, and the herd way of life of primitive people contributed to the development of speech.
C. Darwin made a significant contribution to solving the problem of anthropogenesis. In his works “The Origin of Man and Sexual Selection” (1871) and “Expression of Emotions in Man and Animals” (1872), he, using a large amount of factual material, showed a striking resemblance of man to animals and especially to apes. Based on this, he came to the conclusion that monkeys and humans have a common ancestor, paying attention to the influence of social factors in human evolution.

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