What consequences of the industrial revolution seem most important to you and why?

1. Industrialization, since in the course of industrialization, industry has become the basis of the economy, national and world markets have developed.
2. The transition from traditional agrarian society to industrial society – estate division has disappeared, new classes have appeared: the industrial bourgeoisie and the proletariat,
3. The demographic revolution. Dramatically accelerated the growth and number of cities, changed the ratio between rural and urban populations.
4. The democratization of society. Constitutions were adopted, parties arose, and parliaments strengthened. People sought more and more political rights.
5. The emergence of “great ideologies” – liberalism, conservatism, socialism and communism. The diversity of views and ways of development of society creates competition and the development of the most correct solution. This is an important characteristic of democracy.
6. Development of culture, education and science. Along with social and economic changes, artistic forms and education were replaced. became more accessible, and science was more closely associated with production and turned into one of the main forces that changed the old world.

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