What contemporary problems of human society can you name?

People are increasingly using surrogates and imitations of natural biological activity, reaching the “virtualization” of life. The human population is characterized by phenomena that are impossible for animal populations. A genetic load of hereditary diseases, a predisposition to diseases, malignant neoplasms, infections, mental and allergic disorders, maladaptation phenomena, etc. are accumulating in the human population. residents of large cities experience overpopulation stress phenomena. Many people maintain their existence and capacity only with the help of artificial devices and medicines.
Rapid population growth creates economic problems and exacerbates social inequality. There is a growing gap between the maximum opportunities for obtaining benefits and their accessibility for most people. Different people have very unequal chances of life.
Products that are not only not needed for human life, but also harmful (alcohol, tobacco, drugs) are stimulated and produced.
All these factors as a whole can ultimately lead to a crisis of modern human civilization, degradation and the disappearance of Homo sapiens as a species.

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