What contributed to the growth of the US economy by the end of the nineteenth century?

By the end of the nineteenth century. The United States came first in the world in terms of industrial production, producing about a third of the world’s industrial output. The success was facilitated by the abundance of natural resources, low costs per side due to the lack of dangerous neighbors, dominance in the markets of Latin America. In addition, the Americans, along with the Germans, led the way in technological progress. Demand for technical innovations was great, which allowed the Americans to conquer foreign markets, in the most modern industries. The main secret of American success was still in the domestic market. No country in the world has a market of such capacity. Here it is not only the population, but also its purchasing power and living standards in general, towards the end of the 19th century. The per capita income in the United States was 2 times higher than French and 50% English.

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