What contribution to biology has Lamarck made? Outline the main points of the evolutionary theory of Lamarck.

Lamarck became the creator of the first theory of evolution, which is now known as “Lamarckism.” He also coined the term “biology”. In addition, he wrote a huge number of works on biology (the most famous “Philosophy of Zoology” and works on invertebrates).
The main provisions of the theory of Lamarck:
1. The idea of ​​species variability (and, accordingly, the laws of variability of species stand out)
2. The process of spontaneous generation continues constantly
3. All organisms have a desire to improve
4. The law of exercise and non-exercise of organs (if an organ is needed, then this leads to its further development, there is no degradation)
5. The first organisms came from inorganic nature
6. Connection of evolution of living organisms with changes in environmental conditions
7. Inheritance of auspicious traits

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