What countries and peoples were conquered by the Romans? What allowed the Romans to create a huge power?

TIME Who the Romans fought with What was attached Effects
VI-IV centuries. BC. Etruscans, Italic tribes (Samnites, Latins , etc.), Greeks from colonies in Italy Apennine Peninsula (Italy) Rome joins the struggle for dominance in the Mediterranean
III – II centuries BC. Carthage, Macedonia, Greece, Syria northern Africa, Spain, Greece, Macedonia, Asia Minor, southern Gaul Rome became the largest power in the Mediterranean
1st century BC. Celts of Gaul, Pontic and Egyptian kingdoms, Germans Gaul, Egypt, Syria, Thrace, Rhine banks The influence of Rome spread to all developed regions of Europe and the Middle East
1st – 2nd centuries AD Parthians, Dacians , Celts of Britain, Germans and other “barbarians” lands south of the Danube, Judea, Dacia, Britain, Armenia Rome went over to the defense of its borders along the Rhine, Danube and Euphrates. The empire is “overeat”


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