What data is needed to move in azimuth? How are they made out?

The azimuthal motion method is used in cases where it is not possible to determine the sides of the horizon (dense fog, snowfall, mountains, etc.).
The azimuth is the angle measured clockwise from the north direction of the meridian in the direction of movement. To move in azimuths, you need to know the magnetic azimuths, landmarks and the distances between them. These data are made out on the route diagram or in the form of a table. When moving along azimuths, they gradually move from one landmark to another, using auxiliary or intermediate landmarks along the way. The azimuth accuracy is approximately 1/10 of the distance traveled. Therefore, if, after passing the required distance, you do not meet the specified landmark, put a sign at the exit point, and look for the landmark, bypassing around this point an area with a radius equal to 1/10 of the distance traveled.

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