What does the embryo look like after crushing is over? What is the function of the villi located on the outer shell?

Crushing is the process of formation of a single-layer multicellular blastula embryo. As a result of crushing, a multicellular single-layer embryo, a blastula, which has a primary body cavity, a blastocele, is formed. In the process of crushing, the cells divide by mitosis. Mitotic division during crushing differs significantly from the reproduction of cells of an adult organism: the mitotic cycle is very short, the cells do not differentiate – they do not use hereditary information. In addition, when crushing, the cytoplasm of the cells does not mix and does not move; there is no cell growth, the villi help the egg to cling to the uterus, also after its attachment, the placenta develops and nutrients begin to flow to the baby.

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