What does the focus of chemical damage include? Define the zone of chemical damage.

The chemical lesion focus includes a site on which a toxic product has spilled, as well as a chemical infection zone on the leeward side of the spill site (source of infection).
Chemical contamination zone – the territory or water area within which hazardous chemicals are present (or listed) in concentrations and quantities that pose a danger to human life and health, to farm animals and plants for a period of time.
On the area subjected to chemical infection, distinguish the first, second and third zones.
The first zone is the most dangerous because of the increased concentration of accidentally chemically hazardous substances and the possibility of contact with liquid AHOV. This zone is located in a radius of approximately 250 m from the source of infection.
The second zone is less dangerous, the concentration of accidentally chemically hazardous substances here is about 2-3 orders of magnitude less than the maximum possible, exposure to liquid AXW and fire is unlikely. This area includes the area at a distance of 250-1000 m from the source of infection.
The third zone usually has a concentration of hazardous chemically hazardous substances 4-5 orders of magnitude lower than the maximum possible. It is located at a distance of 1000 m or more from the source of infection.

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