What dominance is called incomplete?

In nature, there is incomplete dominance, which formally can be considered an exception to the first law of Mendel. With incomplete dominance, the dominant gene does not completely suppress the recessive. For example, a plant has nocturnal beauty forms with white flowers and red flowers. Their crossing gives hybrids with pink flowers. These are heterozygous individuals. Therefore, both traits – white and red color of flowers – are not completely dominant.
Formulation of the conclusion: with incomplete dominance, each genotype has its own phenotype, splitting -1: 2:
Incomplete dominance or intermediate inheritance of the trait is one of the types of interaction of allelic genes in which one of the alleles (dominant) in the heterozygous does not completely suppress the manifestation of the other allele (recessive). The manifestation of an intermediate phenotype in hybrids in comparison with the parent allowed to suggest a misunderstanding about fused heredity.

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