What factors ensured the rapid economic development of the German Empire?

First of all, the unification of the country, which contributed to the creation of a single internal market. But such a rapid economic recovery might not have happened if not for the robbery of France. Germany removed the equipment of enterprises and means of transport from the occupied departments. During the three post-war years, the defeated country paid a huge contribution – 5 billion francs. The empire received Alsace and part of Lorraine – lands rich in iron ore and coal, which gave great opportunities for the development of heavy industry.
In addition, German entrepreneurs successfully used the experience of other countries, introduced the most advanced technology and the latest achievements in science and technology. The industrial revolution was accelerated by the famous Prussian militaristic tradition. Being in the center of Europe, having hostile France on its western borders, and Russia in the east, believing that it would not be able to defeat England and establish its industrial primacy by economic methods alone, Germany was preparing for future wars. A significant part of the contribution was used to pay for military orders to enterprises.


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