What factors, in your opinion, were decisive in approving the concept of the welfare state?

Conditions for the formation of a welfare state: creation of an economic basis; the formation of civil society; ensuring political prerequisites; achieving the necessary social development of society; approval of moral principles.
Under these conditions, it is necessary to strengthen the position of the legal law, to observe the personal and political rights and freedoms of man and citizen, as well as to steadily increase and improve the guarantees of basic social and economic rights.
In a modern country, the formation of legal and social statehood is possible only if there are both traditional preconditions for any legal state (a strong economic basis, high living standards and the dominance of the “middle” class in the social structure of society; stable democratic, legal, political, cultural traditions; high level general culture in general and legal in particular; the presence of civil society institutions) and specific (resolving the national question, without which the state may find itself immersed in the abyss of armed interethnic conflicts; de-ideologizing society and the state; eliminating the tradition of legal nihilism).

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