What factors influence the harmony of life together?

The harmony of marriage is largely dependent on the intellectual, psychological compatibility of the spouses. The following factors have a great influence on her:
1. Value-ideological compatibility – the compatibility of life values, aspirations, interests, beliefs. The closer they are to spouses, the easier it is for them to understand each other.
2. Consistency of functional and sexual expectations and perceptions of their rights, duties, and functions in the spousal union. If family members differently understand their roles and present to each other inconsistent, rejected by others expectations and demands, the family is obviously incompatible and conflicting. Even the inconsistency of ideas about how to spend your leisure time, to distribute responsibilities in domestic work, a sharp discrepancy in domestic habits can seriously disrupt the relationship of spouses.
3. Compatibility of individual psychological characteristics. Prosperous couples with stable relationships often differ in the opposite temperaments of the spouses: excitable choleric and calm phlegmatic, sad melancholic and cheerful sanguine seem to complement each other. The most universal partners are phlegmatic: they are satisfied with any temperament, except their own. People with a similar character cannot always get along together. For example, if both are powerful, active, sharp in nature, then it is difficult for them to agree. It is easier to get along if one of the spouses is inclined to leadership, and the other to submission. But there are qualities of character whose inconsistency makes compatibility difficult. For example, it’s hard for a neat one to get along with a sloppy one, an honest one – with a deceitful one.
Marital unions of people who do not differ too much in origin, living conditions, and upbringing are usually more durable, because the likelihood of a coincidence in them of attitudes, values, interests, ideals, habits of spouses is certainly greater.
In the general case, to ensure the harmony of life together, spouses should have three basic qualities of character: the ability to be critical of themselves, tolerance and trust in each other.

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