What features of domestic and foreign policy were characteristic of the emerging Victorian England?

It was at the beginning of the Victorian era that a “complete parliamentary regime” took shape in England, the main feature of which is the full recognition of the principle of responsibility of the cabinet of ministers to parliament. Already from the 40s. the House of Commons not only controls the government, but can also remove it, passing a vote of no confidence. From 1837 to 1866, out of nine offices, eight retired by decision of the House of Commons. Parliament was increasingly inclined to adopt decisions that contributed to the strengthening of civil peace. The era of Queen Victoria is also called “the era of the Victorian compromise.”
Since 1832 freedoms of speech, press, and manifestations have expanded significantly. When in the 60s. the actions of the people who demanded the continuation of reforms intensified, the queen and her government assigned special places in London where those who wished could exercise their right to public meetings. One of these places was Hyde Park, where everyone could speak on any issue.

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