What features of flowering plants, as well as birds and mammals make them the most highly organized creatures in the world of wildlife?

Features of flowering plants – seeds are protected by the pericarp (contributes to their better preservation and distribution), the appearance of a flower and double fertilization (provides the embryo with nutrients from the endosperm).
The peculiarities of birds – the presence of a four-chambered heart and double breathing provide warm-blooded birds and a very high intensity of their metabolism. Flying is the main mode of movement for most bird species, helping them search for food, migrate and escape predators.
The features of mammals are warm-bloodedness (allows them to exist in a wide variety of climatic conditions and remain active in both cold and hot seasons), the development of the forebrain with the cerebral cortex (allows the external world to be spatially displayed based on information from the senses). The frontal lobes control the communication of animals; in humans, they are associated with speech, that is, with the second signaling system. The sensory organs of mammals are also more perfect.

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