What features of the American national character do you consider the most important?

Undoubtedly, there are a number of traits by which it is easy to distinguish an American.
American smile. The American is cheerful, or at least smiling, he must show that “I have everything OK.”
American way of life. Since Americans are great patriots of their country, they do not approve of any criticism that foreigners make about anything American. These people sincerely believe that the American way of life is the greatest achievement of humanity, and the United States is the most important country in the world. A family. Children in the United States behave independently in relation to their parents, usually starting to live separately early. Americans are self-reliant and independent. The idea behind the American way of life is that everyone builds their own lives. Business relationship.
Americans are energetic, determined to work intensively. This is facilitated by the entire education and training system that exists in the United States. Americans save time and value punctuality.
Americans do not like stiffness, prefer comfortable everyday clothes, address each other simply, informally, even if there is a big difference in age and social status between the interlocutors. They love competition, value achievements, records. Although their behavior is quite natural, from the outside it can seem domineering, intrusive.

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