What first aid is provided for a dislocation, and what kind – for sprain?

Sprain is damage to the ligaments connecting the bones in the joint. Especially often, sprain occurs when tucking up the foot. Severe pain and swelling appear in the ankle joint, and edema may even develop. When providing first aid for injuries, the joint should be tightly bandaged so that the foot is perpendicular to the lower leg, and then apply cold. After this, you must contact the emergency room. Awkward, abrupt movements can cause a strong displacement of the bones in the joint – dislocation. With a dislocation, the head of one bone leaves the articular cavity of the other. There is a sprain, and in some cases a rupture of the joint bag. With a dislocation, the shape of the joint changes, the limb loses mobility. Dislocation is accompanied by severe pain. To assist the patient, a splint is required. To relieve pain in the place of dislocation, it is advisable to attach a plastic bag with ice or cold water, after wrapping them with a towel. Then the victim must be urgently taken to a medical institution. Reduction of bones with dislocation can only be performed by a surgeon.

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